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Creating meaning. Inspiring. Opening hearts. Capturing minds. Developing relationship and doing good. This is why we are here. And in giving we are lifted up by meaning. Engaging funding and support is a relationship-based adventure that thrives on passion and heart, on big stories that move and inspire us. From the nuts and bolts of practical development work through to the individuated coaching that will make you a more effective, more engaging fundraiser, together we make the world better. We will help you to excel in this as you increase your engagement, support and capacity.


With over 20 years of professional experience and an extensive network of pro-impact professionals and change makers, I bring significant resources and creativity to the opportunities and challenges you present.

Each engagement is an adventure and vehicle for us to learn, grow and succeed together.

Perceptive Discovery - Learning, engaging with you and uncovering your best kept and yet most obvious secrets.

  • What is it about your mission and your cause that is inspiring?
  • What are the stories that open the heart?
  • Who are we speaking to and what are we after?
  • How do we find it?
  • What's your current fundraising plan?
  • Your funding type mix?
  • Your prioritized fundraising channels?

From board engagement to major gift programs to general capacity issues, we learn, discern opportunities and make efficient ways forward.

Creative Response - Taking our learnings, I help articulate the best and most appropriately creative response to your needs.

  • Is it story development?
  • An updated development strategy?
  • Training and coaching?
  • A creative event that will inspire your supporters?
  • Board engagement?
  • Communications planning?
  • Donor pipeline?

I find it and we put it into play to support you and your mission, your organization, staff and stakeholders.

Significant Results - Just that. Transforming your offering into a powerful case for engagement and support and improving your fundraising is my goal and my offering.

Working together we will move the needle on your efforts significantly and your investment will pay strong rewards. Adding a partner with fresh eyes, combined with significant nonprofit, development and communications experience, will uncover new opportunities, reveal the nearest wins, and give you new plans and power to move forward in strength.


People say the nicest things

Clients - Partial List

Branden Barber started his professional career as an Assistant Engineer and zodiac pilot on Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior and the MV Greenpeace. He subsequently ran the Victorian state office for Greenpeace Australia, planning and leading actions, managing volunteers, handling media and creating the first Greenpeace national office website. He then spent ten years traveling through the dot-com boom in San Francisco and Australia, delivering high-end digital design and brand strategy, project and client management, corporate leadership and solutions management and implementation. He thought he’d settled down in country Australia, raising a family, running a boutique design studio and putting out fires as a lieutenant in the Country Fire Authority…but no. He was called back into service for the greater good in San Francisco, called back by then executive director, Michael Brune, to land at Rainforest Action Network in the thick of the social and environmental justice movement. He was home. At Rainforest Action Network he helped double the budget through the Great Recession - wielding all elements of organizational fundraising from major gifts to foundations, membership to special events. As Director of Development and part of the senior management team at RAN, Amazon Watch, Bioneers and the Hoffman Institute, he gained intimate knowledge of the vagaries that come with organizational leadership and management, and the wisdom and experience to navigate uncertain waters to a successful landfall. Branden sits on several boards and steering committees as he continues to help those who do good to do better. For over 25 years he's been gaining experience in the skills that make organizations healthy, strong and sustainable. Put that experience to work for you and your mission.
Branden in Action


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